MIDAS SYSTEM develops and produces Mask Aligner and Spin Coater equipment required by laboratories and companies related semi-conductor, MEMS, Bio element and Nano Technologies.

As for the mask aligner for wafer, we led the first development and commercialization in Korea, and continued to make up for the technologies in order to strengthen the basis as a technology centered company. Also the mask aligner for wafer is applicable for various fields and at present utilized in board fields such as the research and production of semi conductor, the research on the MEMS process and the production from MEMS applications, researched on bio chips and Nano technologies.

Midas System Produces and supplies the Mask aligner based on customized design to fit to demanded applications from domestic companies and research institutes, and also provides the related equipment necessary for process of semi conductor, in terms of considering conveniences of customers.

For all our customers, all our employees and managers at Midas System will do our best to become a world best company based on the confidence to produce more applicable and more efficient product for your researches and production.

We always appreciate for your attention and supports.