• MDA-80MS

  • The MDA-80MS is excellent tool for a
    variety of applications, such as Optoelectronics,
    FPD, RF microwave, MEMS,
    bump or flip chip device, LED and other
    technologies requiring precision
    Alignment, and this New Type Aligner
    offers a higher alignment accuracy and
    more flexible process. On request,
    Bottom Side Alignment is available with
    CCD camera.
Photo-litho / Exposure System / Manual - MDA-80MS
  • specification
Type PC control semi auto
Mask size up to 9" x 9"
Substrate size piece to 8"
UV lamp & Power 1kW & power supply
Uniform beam size 8.25" x 8.25"
Beam Uniformity <±4%
365nm Intensity ~25mW/cm2
Alignment accuracy 1um@1um PR thickness with vacuum contact
Process mode Soft, Hard, Vacuum contact & Proximity
Substrate chuck moving x,y,z & θ
Options Anti-Vibration table
UV Intensity meter
· Easy Operation Mode
· Image Grab & Data Transfer
· Operation by Personal Computer
· Program Recipe: ≥ 100 Recipes