• MDA-40FA / 60FA

  • MDA-40FA / 60FA (Mask Aligner) 는 풀 오토 장비로 시료 사이즈 2”4”6” 의 양산 전용 모델로, 성능 대비 가격이 합리적이며, 주로 기업체의 양산라인 공정에 적합합니다.
Photo-litho / Mask Aligner / Auto - MDA-40FA / 60FA
Type Full automatic (Mask Aligner)
Mask size up to 5" x 5" / 7"x7"
Substrate size up to 4" / 6"
UV lamp & Power 350W & power supply
Uniform beam size 6.25" x 6.25"
Beam Uniformity <±3%
Beam wavelength 350 ~ 450nm
365nm Intensity ~25mW/cm2
Alignment accuracy 1um
Process resolution 1um@1um PR thickness with vacuum contact
Process mode Soft, Hard, Vacuum contact & Proximity
Substrate chuck moving x,y,z & θ (Motorized)
Pre-aligner ±50um
Frame Anti-Vibration system
Options UV Intensity meter
UV-LED(365nm) exposure module
Easy operation UI
PC Operation with PLC control
Image grab & Data log
More than 100 Program recipes
Microscope position control system
Auto Align mark searching function